Bacon Butty is there such a thing in North America?

There is according to Andy Bradshaw of GB Foods (Great Britain Foods). This traditional British breakfast meal has conquered all of the UK and Europe.Even fast food restaurants like Burger King and McDonalds serve them up.

So what is a Bacon Butty?

Bradshaw says his type of Back Bacon cooked on a hot skillet (not burnt), then placed inside a fresh crusty well buttered bread roll, add a good dollop of

Daddies Brown Sauce… Well !! Heaven meets Earth.

Andy say’s it’s important that the Bacon is hot enough to melt the butter.

We introduced Bacon Butties at outdoor events like BC Highland Games Coquitlam, Fusion Fest Surrey, and Maple Ridge summer markets and received great reviews and sales. GB Foods now have expanded the wholesale meat products business and sells the Bacon at The British Stores and to other retailers, Pubs and Restaurants.

Why is our Bacon Different?

Our Bacon is produced the traditional British way with locally raised BC Pigs, imported spice blends from the UK for the rub and that is all. No added water. No Nitrates, No liquid smoke or any other chemicals. Compare our ingredient lable with other producers in North America and see the difference, after that cook some up and you will taste the difference.

Andy Bradshaw owner of GB Foods produces traditional British meat products at his commercial kitchen in Surrey BC Canada.