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    We know that some things are more than just “stuff”; it’s a memory of home. If there is a product or item you’re looking for that we don’t currently carry, please leave us a comment and we will do our best to get it for you. As always, your satisfaction is our top priority.

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  2. Bacon Butty is there such a thing in North America?

    Bacon Butty is there such a thing in North America?

    There is according to Andy Bradshaw of GB Foods (Great Britain Foods). This traditional British breakfast meal has conquered all of the UK and Europe.Even fast food restaurants like Burger King and McDonalds serve them up.

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  3. Jelly Babies Have Names…..

    Jelly Babies Have Names…..

    Did you know?????

    Jelly Babies Have Names…..

    Bassetts Jelly Babies has become a favourite for all ages, even time lords. This lovely colourful baby shaped, soft jelly sweet with its plump belly has

    become quite an icon.

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  4. Happy Birthday your Majesty!

    Happy Birthday your Majesty!

    HRH Queen Elizabeth II is 90 years old or she was on 21 st April 2016 her real birth date. The Queen’s official birthday will be celebrated on Saturday 11 th June 2016 with Trooping the Colour. With all its military pageant and splendour it has taken place every year with a few exceptions since 1755. First performed on the Sovereigns birthday for King George III, the parade is now held on the day allocated to the Queen’s official birthday.

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